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      How to make a successful cosmetic packaging design

      A successful cosmetic packaging design can show the characteristics, efficacy, target user population and even the concept of a brand. So, how can we design a successful cosmetic packaging design?

      1. Determine product positioning

      To make a successful cosmetic packaging design, the first thing to do is to determine the positioning of the cosmetics. Only by understanding the product population positioning, user positioning, product function positioning, brand positioning, etc., can we better serve the brand.

      Crowd positioning

      Cosmetic packaging design must fit the aesthetic and hierarchical characteristics of the age group of users, so as to attract the corresponding user group without misleading.

      1. If your target group is teenagers, you may want to focus on the uniqueness of cosmetic packaging design and beautiful decoration, to show the vigor and vitality of young people in the "Z era", in line with the aesthetics of young people, simple and elegant, high-end beauty .

      2. If it is a group of middle-aged people, the focus of product packaging design should be on the description and content of the effect, not too fancy colors, and more inclined to calm colors, because middle-aged people often shop with clear goals Locally, the time for product comparison will be longer.

      Brand Positioning

      In addition to a positioning of the user population, it can also be designed according to brand positioning. For example, if it is a product that serves Chinese users or focuses on the efficacy of a raw material of Chinese herbal medicine, its cosmetic packaging design will have a more Chinese flavor to attract corresponding users and show its own brand characteristics.

      Two, simple and direct performance techniques

      No matter what cosmetic packaging design, we must pay attention to this point, direct, simple and generous. Don't be too fancy, useless typesetting and overwhelming. Don't let the customer's attention shift from the product itself to the redundant decoration, and if you can't find relevant and useful information on the decoration, this will waste the proportion of customers' browsing time.

      Therefore, in the packaging design of cosmetics, do not only pursue beauty and various gorgeous designs, but ignore the requirements of packaging design to serve the product and product content. Excessive and cumbersome packaging design will only make customers feel disgusted, but it is not conducive to the sale of cosmetics. Moreover, simple design concepts are more popular recently, and most of the users' aesthetics tend to be simple and generous without losing a sense of high-end, so cosmetic packaging design must be adjusted for changes to reduce sensory discomfort to users.
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